Emerick Architects

This site was interesting because it was originally a squarespace site that we occasionally maintained and this build was mainly meant to replicate that site with a new portfolio section. The fun part though was the home page which has a menu in the center vertically and will stick to the bottom or top of the page depending where you scroll.

The designer on the project started putting this idea into the presentation deck early and I was able to prototype the idea on codepen that same day. Like most of my sites made during my time at Watson, this site is on a theme called Avada with a built in page editor. This was more of a challenge than I anticipated after my prototype but I was able to come up with a custom template that chopped the page in half at the right spot using regex.

The rest of the site is pretty cool too. The team page has more personal photos when you hover over a photo and the portfolio is really slick. It's a great site that really shows off the personality of this architecture firm.

Creating the one-to-one recreation of the blog part of the site was a big team effort because everything had to be put in manually and I really appreciate all the help I got on this.

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